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DIGITAL cartography

DIGITAL cartography

Creamos por primera vez información geográfica para deportes ligados a la montaña y entornos naturales, aportando mapas no tradicionales para expediciones,proyectos de exploración , como también a cualquier persona que quiera adentrarse y conocer el amplio territorio de la cordillera de los Andes.


The cartography that inspires you ...

... to explore this spectacular territory, with a map that will serve you to dream and make yours the landscape that you will have under your feet.

We all have different views in our relationship with the Andes mountains .....

..... some visit it to contemplate the beautiful landscapes shaped by time and the force of nature, others for studies or research, there are those who have chosen it as their stage to practice sport seeking to surpass ourselves, and also the who have found their refuge there, in the tranquility of the noise of the wind.

Wild, static, dynamic and unexplored territory, even though there is a very popular path, for us it will always be a place with surprises when you turn a corner and see a little further.
The mountain will show you an absolute and unique immensity, with powerful rivers dragging everything in its path, with afeeling of being in a place never seen before, almost taken from a science fiction movie, walls of 
granite with unique architectural forms, glaciers with colors and textures as if they were some art of Gaudí….

Joel Suazo Casacuberta 

AndesProfundo Founder 

He dedicates all his weekends to outdoors life. By profession, surveying engineer always specialized in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and thesis in Gravitational Geodesy. Knowledge and experiences that have helped him make and model a detailed and practical cartography, like in AndesProfundo.



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Guía de Esquí

Edición 2018

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